Welcome to our world of wagging tails and endless joy! I'm Laura, the owner of Doggie Dog Treats and Toys and the proud parent to a bundle of fur and mischief named Rascal.

Before Rascal, we rescued a very sweet golden retriever named Summer. Not long after coming home with us, Summer battled hot spots until a simple dietary switch to grain-free food made all the difference. Witnessing this transformation fueled my commitment to providing the best nutrition and care for my furry friends.

The motivation to find Rascal came from the undeniable charm of my sister's corgi named Bear. His playful antics, endearing personality, and almost human-like intelligence left an indelible mark on my heart, prompting me to welcome Rascal into my life 12 years ago when he was only two months old. Rascal, a red Pembroke Welsh Corgi, quickly became the heartbeat of our home. He's a master of fun but also has an insatiable appetite for food and sleep, two of his main motivators.

While Rascal's charm knows no bounds, his love for quality playtime is undeniable. From chasing balls, chewing on bones, and exploring my mom’s property, he's a true adventurer. Rascal is also a bit of a show-off, especially when my mom or friends are around. He is a real ham, stealing hearts with every tail wag.

However, his sensitive stomach led me to ensure he enjoys only the finest grain-free, organic food, and top-notch treats, maintaining his youthful energy and appearance that often leaves people very surprised when I tell them his age.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, where every bark is a celebration of the incredible bond between you and your wonderful dog.